Cranswick School of Motoring (Driffield) student training service.

Under-bonnet of Citroen Saxo (variant)

Simply click on the thumbnails to view the engine compartment layout. Please note! The diagrams are  made up of rather large files, so give them a little time to download!

The first diagram is of the under-bonnet...the symbols are those used by most motor manufacturers! If you learn the layout, it will help with the practical training you will be given!

After learning the layout, there is a complimentary diagram, which explains the various components and how and when to check when and how to check the engine coolant level!

The following pages contain several diagrams which will be of use to students. Also, there is a page designated to the type of questions which you may be asked! The links at the bottom of the page will help you locate the information you require!

Under-bonnet.... 1st Diagram = Under-bonnet layout.........

2nd Diagram = Explanation of what should be done to complete the safety checks!


Toggle the " back button " on browser for best results when switching from one diagram to the other!

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