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Driving Test Centre Information

Each test centre and test 'area' in our region has its' own qualities and the 'style' of driving required is slightly different in each one! You must remember that learning 'test routes' only, is certainly NOT the best way of learning to drive. The best way without doubt is to get as much practice as possible in as many varied conditions as possible! After all, you won't just be driving round the respective test areas for the rest of your life! You should be able to drive safely anywhere just before you take your test! If you can't, then should you really be taking your test?

Having said that, some test areas do suit certain students more than others and this page should be useful to students who are 'new' to the area, after having perhaps moved to this region from another area!

So here are some brief outlines of the various test centres:


Population about 20,000 which swells to around 80,000 in the summer months, mostly by very friendly visitors/holiday makers. Watch out for drivers going down one-way streets the wrong way or drivers who don't know where they are going and, lemming-like pedestrians! Remember, pedestrians move slowly but change direction quickly! It seems that when on holiday, they are invincible!

The tests areas are relatively easy for competent driver, but watch out for idiosyncratic road markings! The test areas cover town, primary and non-primary roads! Parking at the test centre is sometimes difficult! There are NO TOILETS at the test centre. The examiners are extremely friendly and fair minded, so there shouldn't be any reason to 'blame the examiner' if you fail!

Bridlington test centre is no longer a 'satellite' centre! It is now open five days per week and offers a reasonably quick driving test waiting time!


A 'faster' and more open version of Bridlington! Test area covers town, primary and non-primary routes! Quite a good test area with the same examiners as Bridlington! Watch out for the road markings on a couple of roundabouts and, be aware that the examiners invariably include, because facilities allow, 'Reversing into a Parking-Bay' as opposed to the usual reverse parking! Just practice it! It's not difficult! parking at the centre is no problem!

As there has been a recent change in the number of examiners at the test centre, it would be wise to check to see when it is open! Note: the waiting list is often shorter than at Bridlington, but it does vary!


Very easy for the student to learn the area's roads but very difficult for control! If you can't control your clutch, braking and steering, then this is probably not the place for you! When in town, there are two speeds...slow and dead-slow! There are some open roads with the possibility of a fast but short section of dual carriageway! A very similar town to Driffield! The centre is a satellite of the York Test Centre and only open a couple of days a week! The examiners are friendly and very fair indeed! Again NO toilet facilities at the centre! Parking is ok!

Hull and York

As you'd expect, these test centres are very busy with a wide range of road and traffic conditions! They also cater for 'Extended Tests' where the candidate may have lost their licence through dangerous or drink driving! Both of these test centres have the facilities to include 'Reversing into a parking bay'! Toilet facilities are available!

These centres are open every day as well as other times (check first!)

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