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Sample Theory Test Questions.

On an earlier page, I described how, from my own personal viewpoint and experience, that it would be better to learn from the Highway Code rather than the many learning aids available!! It's of no use passing the theory test if you don't understand the answer! Don't be lazy...learn thoroughly as it's probably the last time you'll look at Highway Code again, after passing your test! Every five years, you should always buy the latest edition and re-read it!
A good start to learning the Highway Code is to first of all, learn all the 'DON'TS' and then the 'DO(s)..this will give you a good start and then try learning 4 to 6 sides per day..re-reading the older pages before learning the new!
Here are a few questions which will tell you whether you have a reasonable knowledge of the Highway Code!
Write down your answers on a sheet of paper and only then should you look at the answer page! The answer-page link is shown at the bottom of this page!

1. You are following a very slow moving vehicle through an area subject to a speed limit of 30 mph...can you exceed the speed limit for a brief period in order to overtake the vehicle?

2. There are four sets of countdown markers found on our roads! Describe each and where they are found!

3. What would you expect to meet on your side of the road, travelling in the opposite direction on a country road?

4. What does an M.O.T Certificate tell you about a vehicle?

5. You are on a motorway in thick fog! To your right are amber coloured reflective studs and to your left are white studs!...which lane are you in?

6. You are driving down an unfamiliar country lane covered by snow! You can make out a triangular road sign but, it is covered in snow!...How do you know it is a 'GIVE WAY' sign?

7. Which is the fast lane of a three lane motorway?

8. There are four authorised groups of people legally entitled to control traffic!..who are they?

9. You are driving a trailer/caravan and it develops a 'snake'!...how would you get out of it???

10. Can you park your vehicle on the road at night without lights in a 40mph zone?

11. You are driving in misty conditions! When visibility drops below which distance should you switch on your front and rear fog lights?

12. What is the main difference between a pelican and, a puffin or toucan crossing?

13. What is the last thing to do, just before you turn right, left or as you're about to leave a roundabout?

14. What do two 'yellow' markings on a kerb edge mean?

15. Where would you find 'yellow' zig-zag lines?

16. Which is the only signal that you may give to a pedestrian?

17. What does flashing headlights mean?

18. You are driving down an unlit country lane when an oncoming driver approaches with full beam headlights which blind you!...what should you do?

19. When driving in wet conditions, by how much should you allow for braking when following another vehicle!

20. When driving in windy conditions, there are two types of road users of whom you should take extra care when passing!...name them and why!

21. You are unfortunate to knock down and kill a cat (more unfortunate for the cat I suspect!)...should you report it to the police?

22. Can you wait in a yellow 'box junction' ?

23. You park your vehicle facing uphill.. You should turn your wheels a certain way before leaving your vehicle... which way?

24. Who is responsible for a 14 year old passenger in your vehicle, putting on their seatbelt? (You or them!)

25. Your tyre pressures need checking! .. when is the best time to check them and why?

26. Your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes.. what is the cause?

27. What is coasting?

28. What does 'tailgating' mean?

29. Which fluid level in your vehicle, should never be allowed to drop too low as it would almost certainly lead to an accident?

30. You are stopped by the police...you have how long in which to produce your licence and other documents?

31. Between which hours should you not sound your vehicles horn?

32. Your vehicle continually pulls to one side when driving along!.. what are the most probable causes?

33. You are about to turn right having mirrored, signaled manouevrered correctly etc:, when you notice in your mirror, that another vehicle is overtaking you!.. what should you do?

34. What is the maximum speed limit for a lorry over 7.5 tonnes on a single carriageway road?

35. You are involved in a collision with another vehicle where no one is hurt! .. should you report it to the police?

If you don't know the answer to any of these questions, then you are probably not up to a decent standard with regard to your knowledge of the Highway Code!! Go back and re-read it! You should be able to answer all these questions without referring to the Highway Code!

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