Participating Insurance Companies in the Pass Plus Scheme

This service brought to you courtesy of Cranswick School of Motoring, Driffield. East Yorkshire. Providing Pass Plus tuition as well as regular and intensive driving lessons. For further details please go to home page.

This list of car - motor insurance companies may or may not be complete! If you know of any company which should be on the list, please let us know!

Some insurance companies are more sympathetic to certain circumstances than others*, so it would be circumspect to shop around! From my personal experience, my students usually use the services of CIS (Co-op), with good success! This however, does not mean or imply that any other participating company may not give an equally good and competitive service! Therefore, I strongly suggest that you contact several of the companies listed below, to ascertain the best offer for your circumstances!

Discounts off insurance premiums, for those who have obtained a Pass Plus Certificate can vary from a fixed amount ( eg: �90.00 ) to a full 30% discount, (equivalent to a full year's no claims bonus). Choose the one that suits your needs!

* When seeking an insurance quotation, I strongly advise that you disclose ALL relevant details pertaining to your circumstances. Failing to disclose details which could affect your insurance quotation, could invalidate your insurance cover, should a claim arise!



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The Cranswick School of Motoring is not liable or responsible for any contracts between students and non students and the above listed insurance companies. We have no affiliation whatsoever, with any of the above companies and simply offer this information as a service to our website visitors!