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Proposed driving test changes introduced September 2003

As part of the ongoing driving test improvements, the DSA introduced a new part/aspect to the practical driving test in September 2003, which covers basic vehicle maintainance and safety checks!

The objective is, that all new drivers should familiarise themselves with the basic safety checks of such things as brake fluid levels, oil, coolant and washer fluid levels, handbrake wear, tyre tread depth and correct inflation etc; and of course, raising the bonnet of the vehicle.

Student raising the bonnet. Click photograph to enlarge.

Fundamentally, you will be invited by the driving test examiner, to explain "visually" ( by, for example raising the bonnet of the vehicle ) and pointing out perhaps where and how you would top up your engine oil or how you would check the level of the oil, where and how the coolant level could be checked etc! You will be asked a total of two questions relevant to the above!

Another example would be that you might also be be invited show how you would set about checking your vehicle's tyre pressures!

NOTE! You will NOT be expected to actually carry it out...just show, or explain what is needed to answer his/her questions, is all that is required! The only practical exercise you will be required to carry out is to raise and lower the bonnet of the vehicle.

The questions will take two forms...one will be "SHOW ME"...... the other "TELL ME".....

Even if you get both wrong ..you WILL NOT FAIL the practical driving test because of this! Instead, you will receive only one minor fault, which shouldn't reasonably affect the outcome of your test!

To meet these changes, I have introduced for my students, a series of diagrams and notes to assist them in their test! They will cover all the required knowledge for test candidates! The contents and diagrams of these next pages, are taken from the official handbook for my particular vehicle which I use for training and, driving tests!

Anyone who isn't one of my own students may also benefit from these but, it is wise to ask your own instructor to issue you with the relevant diagrams and training as, vehicle layouts under the bonnet can vary somewhat! However, most of today's vehicles are generic and, most will have similar features, which can be recognised on differing vehicles!

My Vehicle is a variant of a Citroen Saxo...it will be similar to other Citroens and often identical to the sister company cars made by Peugeot.

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