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High quality intensive and regular manual ( and soon automatic ) driving lessons, pass plus courses, motorway training.

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Courses and Tuition Prices. (Regular and Intensive and Theory/Hazard Perception Training)

From May 2009

One Hour lesson.......................Monday to Friday......... £17.75

Two hour lesson.......................Monday to Friday..........£35.50

Use of vehicle for practical driving test .. fixed fee* of†† £35.50

Saturday/Sunday. The hourly rate for weekends is ...£17.75 per hour.

Pass Plus Course. Course of 6 hours training ( min ) †† £105.00 ( see below )

*Use of vehicle on a practical driving test includes approximately one hour of tuition immediately prior to driving test.

To book a lesson(s), please call us using the telephone numbers shown throughout the site. You can also text or email us.


I never require lessons to be pre-paid, preferring to be paid immediately after each regular lesson. However, for prepaid 'block bookings', the same discount as for pre-paid intensive lessons - ie: £165.00 for 10 lessons applies.

Intensive Course Pricing (examples of pre booked - pre paid, preferential rates)

10 hours of intensive tuition (from)..............................£165.00 ( if pre-paid, with a saving of £12.50 on regular pricing)**

20 hours of intensive tuition (from)..............................£330.00 ( if pre-paid, with a saving of £25.00 on regular pricing)**

30 hours of intensive tuition (from)..............................£495.00 ( if pre-paid, with a saving of £37.50 on regular pricing)**

If you already have driving experience, then you may not need a full course of intensive lessons therefore, please contact us to discuss a driving assessment to determine how many hours you will you actually need!

** Please Note. Pricing of intensive courses includes use of the car on test if it falls within the number of hours pre paid and pre-booked, otherwise the charge will simply be at the same hourly preferential rates . It does not however, include DSA Theory or Practical Test fees. These fees are additional but, we can arrange these for you if required, at current fee costs only.

For more information or advice on Regular or Intensive Training see sections below!

Regular Lessons
You may have noticed some driving schools offering prices as low as £4.95 per lesson! Well first of all, ask yourself "why are they offering lessons so cheap"? The old Yorkshire saying of "Tha' get's nowt for nowt" springs to mind!
My vehicle purchase costs and depreciation per working hour adds up to more than £5.00 per hour, not to mention fuel costs, maintainance and sundry other costs so, these figures just do not add up!

They must expect to recover their losses in some other way! Again they must be absolutely desperate for work to offer such ridiculously low prices! Think carefully before you book lessons with such instructors! An established instructor cannot offer these prices and give good value!† The only way that they can offer such prices is by parking the vehicle up and 'talking' for most of the lesson!

Beware of larger regional or national driving schools which regularly use the services of trainee instructors while still charging full prices! A fully qualified instructor will and must display, on the windscreen, a green† 'badge' which contains his/her photograph etc: A trainee will display a pink triangular badge.

Intensive Courses.

Before embarking upon an intensive course however, please read carefully, the information shown below! I do not recommend lessons longer than 2.5/3.00 hours per day as concentration begins to waver after this period!. If the student has a 'bad day' (which is not uncommon!), then they have only lost one lesson.

CSM †Intensive tuition

I offer an intensive tuition service to customers who are 'suitable' for intensive tuition! 'Suitable' means those students who are able to cope with the extra associated stresses, and, learn over a short period. (from 2 to 6 weeks).

Unfortunately, there are some prospective customers who are just not suited to intensive tuition; this would just waste their money and time as, they would have no chance of passing their driving test by learning over a short period.
However, by spreading the same number of lessons over a longer period, the same student would most probably pass!

For this reason and , unlike some nationally & locally advertised residential/driving courses, I will NOT take on† anyone for an intensive course until I have fully 'assessed' them and their ability and aptitude. It is analagous to choosing wallpaper or a new dress over the telephone... impossible without seeing first! I would strongly advise anyone seeking intensive tuition, to avoid those† businesses which will take a student on for intensive training with a driving test at the end, without an assessment first! There are several horror stories I could relate about these practices! Without first seeing someone and assessing their ability, it is virtually impossible to tell how many lessons a person will need to reach the required standard to pass a practical driving test! Promises won't get one to pass a test!

So, how many lessons? (both regular and intensive tuition )

Well, everyone is different but from experience, the average driver will take between 16 and 32 hours of tuition (depending upon previous driving tuiton/experience) to reach the required standards!! However, there some students who take many more lessons...there is nothing wrong with them; they may extremely nervous, have no aptitude toward driving or in some cases, have learning difficulties! In these cases, patience is necessary but usually they will be successful if they persevere.
Mature driver trainees often find it hard, but again, if the instructor is patient, they will be successful! Age is not a barrier!!!

I do NOT mind how difficult a student is to teach as long as they accept their shortcomings! I'll do my utmost to find the best way to teach them!

Everyone has a friend who only had '5' lessons and then passed their test! They never tell how many hours practice they had in a private car!!! Probably hundreds!

My advice is learn to drive over a modest period, say 3 to 8 weeks! That way, you learn quickly but not too stressfully!
Remember, passing your test is the foundation for your driving future!! Your life will depend upon your reactions and decisions!!!
†† Occasionally, there will be the parent or partner who thinks their offspring/partner should be 'in for test by now', as they've had 'X' number of lessons! Unfortunately they often have too high expectations of them! No one should place the cost of a few extra lessons above their child's or partner's life??? I know of parents who because of their tight-fisted ways, have lost their child in motoring accidents simply because they wanted to save a few pounds!!! A reputable instructor will not hold a student back just to get extra money out of them...they just want to get the student up to the required D.O.T standard and stay alive after they pass! Remember, passing the driving test is the minimum level required to drive un-accompanied and that is all! No matter whether it is you first or fifth test.. you are still a novice!

Pass Plus

The Pass Plus is a block of lessons taken after passing the test (the many benefits explained later in this page!). The minimum number of lessons to complete this short course is 6 hours...the total cost being £105.00 for the 6 hours tuition.
Please Note: I do not normally carry out this course for students other than my own. I provide it as means of repaying their loyalty by the extra skills and the substantial financial benefits (greatly reduced insurance premiums!) such a course brings! I will however, consider carrying this course out for non-students, but as the student in this instance is totally unknown to me, they would have to satisfy me that they were sufficiently proficient both before embarking on the course as well as at the end of it as I am the person ultimately responsible for signing the form to say that the student is of a satisfactory standard to pass the course!

Pass-Plus Scheme.

The Driving Standards Agency together with some scheme registered instructors operate a 'Pass Plus' scheme, which is† a short course of lessons (not less than 6 hours tuition) taken after passing your driving test! It covers city, country, night, motorway/dual carriageway driving and bad weather training, giving you a greater awareness and better assessment of road and traffic conditions!

I am one of the instructors registered to the scheme and I would strongly advise new drivers to undertake the course...On top of this vital training, you will get up to 30%† discount off your first car insurance premium! That's one mighty saving and benefits you both ways...cheaper insurance and greater driving skills!! You don't have to pass a further formal test. Your regular instructor usually completes this training and after reaching a satisfactory standard, he will send off the forms to the DSA stating, that you have had at least the minimum number of required hours tuition and have reached the required standard. You will receive in about two weeks, a certificate from the DSA which you hand to your prospective insurance company! The certificate is valid for two years after you have completed the Pass Plus course. However, you must take the course within the year after passing your test!

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