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Long established driving school offering regular and intensive driving lessons - crash courses, assistance with Theory and Hazard Perception Test. Pass Plus registered Driving Instructor. Visit our main website for more information.

Terms and conditions. Please read carefully. Updated 01/02/2009

Every effort will be made to accommodate the student with regard to regular times and days for lessons.
On occasions, the time slot and car may be required for another students' driving test; on these occasions, you the student may have to go at another time or day!
A driving test always takes priority, which one will appreciate, is reasonable under the circumstances. Tests are usually booked several weeks ahead, therefore there should be no problems with re-scheduling.

Use of vehicle for test purposes.

When the student books a driving test, they MUST inform me of the details immediately the same day, to ensure I can supply my vehicle for your practical test! Do NOT book a short notice cancellation without my prior consent as I may not be able to take you for your test on that particular date and time!

I will supply my vehicle for a students' driving test at my regular hourly rate!(16.50 (pre-paid) - 17.75 per hour or for a regular fixed fee of 35.50 - subject to prior agreement) providing that they are regular students who have had sufficient training and are up to a driving standard which I consider satisfactory. I reserve the right to decline the use of the vehicle for test purposes where the student has ignored my advice with regard to booking/taking the test or has not had sufficient training to meet a reasonable level competency!

Cancellation of lessons.

Please note that it is only reasonable to expect the student to give 48 hours notice if they wish to cancel a lesson! I understand that there are times when short notice cancellations are unavoidable and this is acceptable. Sometimes however, thoughtless late cancellations can cost in excess of 100.00 per week. I'm quite sure the student would be less than impressed if I rang them about an hour before their driving test and said "I can't make it as I have a headache or I have to go shopping" or some other equally petty excuse!
Short notice cancellations will most probably result in either a charge being levied (certainly if less than 24 hours notice is given) or in extreme circumstances such as repeated short notice cancellation, termination of instruction may follow which will negate any liability with regard to the pre-booking of the use of the vehicle for test purposes!

Where the Driving Standards Agency cancel the driving test at short notice, the student will still have to pay for the time booked/use of vehicle. However, there is a reclaiming procedure by which the student may recover from the DSA, a reasonable amount of out of pocket expenses in such instances!

Where the DSA cancels a driving test at short notice due to adverse weather, they will re-schedule the test, free of charge. Again, the student is responsible for booking of the vehicle and may be charged the agreed fee for vehicle hire for test purposes! The student will in these circumstances, will be entitled to reasonable compensation from the DSA, so any claims will be made to them.

Intensive Courses and deposits.

Unfortunately, as with many businesses, there are a number of time-wasters who make arrangements and then fail to honour them resulting in lost revenue and wasted time. Therefore, A non-refundable, minimum deposit of 50% of the total intensive course fee is payable not less than 7 days prior to a pre-booked Intensive Course commencement date, unless by prior agreement. The remaining balance to be paid at the end of the first lesson. Failure to agree to and adhere to these conditions may invalidate and terminate of any intensive course booking.


Every effort will be made to supply a vehicle booked for the use of (where required), during the driving test. However, should extreme unforeseen circumstances arise which prevents this ( eg: breakdown or serious illness ), no liability on behalf of Cranswick School of Motoring shall exceed that of the cost of re-booking another test date!

Events beyond our control

Due to recent changes to the driving test, the ' Vehicle safety checks' at the beginning of the test often include checking of vehicle lights! Due to a recent event where the lights were checked and found to be working less than two hours before the practical test, a further subsequent check approximately 10 minutes prior to the test revealed that a 'brake-light' bulb had indeed failed! In this instance, I was able to effect a replacement in time for the driving test.

However, as the examiners only allow ' 3 minutes ' to change a bulb if the bulb fails when the lights are switched on for test purposes, we cannot guarantee to be able to effect a change of bulb in this time limit!

We do carry a complete range of spare bulbs and every effort is made to ensure that the vehicle we supply for test is up to 'test standard' when you attend the test, we can give no guarantee that a bulb will not fail as, it is impossible to predict or detect potential failure!

In this instance, if the examiner refuses to allow a student to use the vehicle for test purposes, because a failed bulb can't be replaced in the allowed ' 3 ' minutes, we will not accept responsibility for losses as a direct result of such events!

In the unlikely event where a wheel puncture occurs while on the practical driving test, the student is deemed responsible and no liability is implied on our behalf!

In the even of an accident or damage to vehicle by student.

In the unlikely event of an accident or damage occurring while the vehicle supplied is being used on a practical driving test, the student will be deemed responsible for all losses incurred by Cranswick School of Motoring. This will include the ' Insurance Policy Excess ' applicable to the age group of the student, if the student is deemed responsible for causing the accident! Policy excess varies from 100.00 to 200.00, depending upon age of the student!

No guarantee is given or implied with regard to the student passing a driving test as, even the best learner drivers can fail on something silly but, every effort will be made on my behalf, to see that the student is well prepared for the driving test!

If you have any questions, please feel free to phone or email me!

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