How to wind up your driving instructor!

1.    Just say to him ..."My dad says I should be doing this by now"...

2.    When he stops you from pulling out of a junction and into the path of a vehicle and certain death...just say to him " I could have got out there!!!"

3.    From the second lesson onwards, keep nagging and say " when can I put in for test, when can I put in for test" (especially after you've just nearly killed both you and him!!!)

4.    Ring him up about an hour before your lesson and tell him you can't make it as you want to go shopping or you've a sniffle or better still, you don't feel like a lesson today and anyway, you can't afford it!!!

5.    Blame his car  for your stalling and tell him when you drive with your dad it never happens and you always drive perfectly!

6.    When he tells you that you've done something wrong....argue with him! Instructors just love students who argue about details!

7.    Tell him there's something wrong with his gearbox and that you DID press the clutch all the way down to the floor!!!!

8.    Tell him "my dad says I shouldn't do it that way!!!"

9.    Tell him he must be blind and that you DID look in your mirror... he just wasn't looking at the time!!!

10    Blame the car and everyone else for your mistakes and make up any excuse to avoid saying you were wrong and it was your fault!

11.    Just get into the car and tell him that you or your parents have gone ahead and booked a test (preferably short notice) without consulting your him or against his advice!

12.    Tell him that your last instructor told you that you were just about ready to put in for test!...even when you obviously can't set off properly or change gear correctly or can't get your reversing etc right!

13.    Tell him..well my last instructor never mentioned that it was wrong to sit with your foot on the clutch (preferably pressing the pedal down about 3cm) while driving along!

14.    Just tell him those three little words.... ' I   WAS    braking!!!! '.

14.    Just say " I COULD have got through there! "

15.    Just say " Are you SURE I should be doing it this way?" dad says........

16.    After failing a driving test, just say " well I thought you were exaggerating when you said I'd fail for doing those things! "

Seriously, these are just some of the things we, as instructors,  have to put up with every day, week in--week out! Just spare a thought for the poor instructor!