Theory Test answers!

Answer to question

1.    Never Exceed the speed limit for any reason!

2.    The four countdown markers are: blue background with white stripes (Motorways)
      Green background with white stripes (Primary Routes)
      White background  with black stripes (Non-primary Routes)
      White background with red stripes (approaches to concealed level crossings)
     The latter are equally spaced but vary depending on the vision on approach while the other three are all 100 (one hundred yards apart!

3.    Pedestrians!

4.       It only tells you that on the day it was tested, it was found to be roadworthy according to M.O.T. rules! It may be six months since it was tested the vehicle may have developed faults! YOU  MUST ensure that the vehicle is fit to drive as, you are responsible as the driver of such a vehicle!

5.    The outer lane (the one nearest the central reservation!)

6.    It is a triangular sign, however, the 'apex' is at the bottom as opposed to the usual top!

7.    There is NO fast lane!!!! You should return to the nearside (left lane) after overtaking!

8.    Police, traffic warden, 'lolipop' people and the guys controling traffic at road works!

9.    DO NOT brake fiercely!! Slow down very gradually!!!

10.  NO! You may only park on a public highway without lights in areas where the speed limit  is 30mph or less! (Recognised parking areas excepted!)

11.  100 metres!

12.  A pelican crossing has a 'flashing amber phase'...the others do not!

13.  Check the appropriate mirrors to ensure that you will not turn into the path of another driver...even if they are wrong!!!

14.  No loading or waiting by ANYONE! This includes the disabled!

15.  Outside a school!

16.  A slowing down signal! NEVER wave them to cross!! You can vouch for yourself but not another road user!

17.  It means only ONE thing.... " I am here "...Nothing else!

18.  Slow down and prepare to stop! Never blind him with your lights...they may run into you!

19.  At least DOUBLE!

20.  Lorries and cyclists! When passing lorries, as you start to get in front of them, the wind hits your vehicle and cyclists can easily be blown into your path!

21.  NO! A dog, horse, sheep cow etc:, but not a cat!

22.  Only if you are turning right and waiting for oncoming vehicles to pass before you can turn!

23.  Turn your wheels to the Right!

24.  The passenger is if 14 years or older is responsible for putting on a seatbelt if fitted!

25.  When they are cold (usually before the start of a journey!) Air expands when hot and can give misleading tyre pressure readings!

26.  It could be tyres but the its is without doubt...faulty/badly adjusted brakes!

27.  Coasting is when you disengage the clutch or have your vehicle out of gear while driving along! You should never drive you vehicle for any longer than is neccessary out of gear/ clutch down as the vehicle will loose the braking effect from the engine and could lead to a total loss of control!

28.  Tailgating is an Americanism (Truckers)  addopted here and aptly describes a vehicle that is following too closely behind another vehicle!

29.  The brake fluid!

30.  You have seven days in which to produce your documents!

31.  11.30pm and 7.00am.

32.  It could be tyre pressures but the likely cause is a tracking fault (wheel alignment ...usually after striking a kerb too hard) or more seriously, faulty steering parts! It should be investigated immediately as even if it is only wheel alignment problems, it will cause rapid tyre wear!

33. You should abort the turn until the vehicle has passed (if safe to do so) otherwise drive on and find another turning to get onto your planned route! Never force your way into the path of another vehicle!

34.  40mph.

35.  If the owner or authorised driver was present and you exchanged names, addresses, insurance details etc:, then there is no need to inform the police!