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DSA FEES - Theory & Driving Tests.

Use the following telephone number to contact the DSA national booking service  for 'Credit/Debit Card' bookings or re-scheduling of both the Theory and/or Practical test.

0300 200 1122 ( Driving Standards Agency national booking centre)

The current fees for the driving tests are as follows (Updated 01/06/2009):

Theory Test.................£31.00

Practical Test..............£62.00

Evening and Saturday driving tests are available at certain times of the year! These however, attract an additional fee of £13.00 extra making a total fee of £75.00! Not every test centre offers this service so you much check first!

Extended Driving Tests - Check with the DSA for current fees.

Theory Test centres are conveniently located in:- Hull, Scarborough and York!

Online booking. There are now facilities for booking online for both Practical and Theory tests! (see home page for direct link to DSA website)

Driving Test centres are also located in Hull, Scarborough, Bridlington, Malton and York, but are NOT located in the same buildings as for the Theory Test!

Please note! I take my students to either,  Bridlington, Scarborough or  Malton for training and subsequent test!
Occasionally, I also take students to
York or Hull.
For students who have been ordered to take an Extended Driving Test* by the courts (usually after being banned), these are taken in either York or Hull.

Theory tests are also available as above throughout the year; however, it is advisable to check appointment availability as these can vary from centre to centre!
If booking by credit card,
only the cardholder may book the test and they should have the candidates licence to hand when booking or, also the the Theory Pass Certificate when booking the practical test!

* Please check with the DSA regarding the current test fees for Extended Driving Tests as they may be considerably higher than normal driving tests.

Please Read!!!

The DSA fee for the practical test does NOT include use of a vehicle for test purposes. This must be supplied by you or  your instructor, (who will usually charge their hourly rate or fixed fee). Again, the booking of the test is technically a contract between you and the Driving Standards Agency and NOT an instructor! I normally do not book tests for the students; I advise how and when they should proceed! This makes the whole system 'transparent'!

When to book your test!

I would strongly advise that any student of any driving school, does not proceed to book a practical driving test without first consulting their respective instructor! The instructor may have a prior booked test appointment or personal matters to deal with which could prevent them from being able to supply the vehicle for test purposes! Great care should also be taken when booking a 'short notice cancellation' test appointment as there is no date by which the test may be cancelled, which would mean a loss of test fee if you have no suitable vehicle!

The respective instructor may decline the use of their vehicle for test purposes if they consider that the student has not reached a satisfactory level of competence! The instructor is not obliged to supply a vehicle just because the student or their parent/spouse has taken it upon themselves to book a test without prior consultation! The vehicle is the professional instructors bread and butter/lively-hood, so he is unlikely to be willing to risk his business!

If booking by credit card, only the cardholder may book the test and they should have the candidates license to hand when booking or, also the the Theory pass certificate when booking the practical test!

If you don't have access to a credit card, then you will need an application form available from all test centres during working hours or when the test centre is manned! (not politically correct methinks!)

If you can't get to a centre to collect one, I will be happy, upon receipt of an S A E, to pop you one in the post!

The Combined Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test.

The theory question test currently you are required to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly to pass! The questions and answers are in 'multiple choice' format! The test is completed on a computer and  to mark the answer, it's simply a case of placing the 'cursor' on the correct answer(s) and clicking the mouse button! By arriving 15 minutes early, the invigilators/staff will help/let you do a practice session! You will be informed whether you have passed or not, immediately after completing the Hazard Perception part of the test!
For those who have reading difficulties, there are audible facilities as well as differing languages for those candidates who are of ethnic origin!
There are special occasions (such as dyslexia sufferers etc) where extra time is allotted! However, the DSA must be made aware of such problems when initially booking the theory test!

Hazard Perception Test

Basically, this part of the test is self explanatory in that it tests your awareness of hazards or developing hazards!
After completing the Theory question section, you will then be asked to complete the Hazard Perception Test which is relatively simple. You will view on screen, a continuous series of 14, one minute long video clips, each contains one developing hazard while  one clip contains two developing hazards. These clips are from live video footage which has been taken while an actual vehicle has been driven. So it is not a simulation!. You have to spot and press the 'mouse button' in good time when the video clip shows either a developing hazard appearing! The later you press the button, then the less points you will receive which, eventually will determine whether you successfully pass both tests together! Do not keep pressing rhythmically hoping you will hit it right, as this could affect your final score, because the computer will detect this and give you a zero score for that question! The pass mark for the Hazard Perception test is 44 out of a possible 75 marks! The simple answer is to watch the clips as you would do as a driver and react accordingly. However, do not be frightened to click when you think you see a hazard, it is perfectly ok to click the mouse button in that situation. You must pass both the theory questions test and, the perception test together on the same day, in order to gain your pass certificate!

Aiding your perception ability

It makes it more difficult to take this part of the theory test when you have not had any driving experience or if you have no access to computer training facilities! If you have some driving experience, then the best way forward is to ask your instructor to point out the hazards and an explanation if necessary, why it was a hazard. Then you should drive round with your instructor and you should give a commentary as you are driving, this will help him determine your ability and, it will help you to be more aware of what you are actually seeing!
You should have received with your booking confirmation, a short video cassette, which will outline the perception test and give you a couple of sample clips!

Theory Question Aids

Personally, my advice is use the Highway Code and not just question and answer books or CD's. These other sources are merely aids; all the questions are based around one nucleus...The Highway Code! Therefore, use the highway code first and foremost and, if you still wish to use them, use them only to assess your knowledge! After all, if you know your Highway Code, you should be able to answer any H/C question put to you! I know the book doesn't have much of a plot, but as a driver, it's the most important book you'll ever read in your life!

My reasoning is from experience: students who learn only from the Highway Code certainly tend to understand the correct answer to the question and the reasoning behind it!. The students who only use the other material, merely regurgitate the answer after witnessing the answer many fold! They may pass the theory test, but they often don't understand  the rules! Learning from the Highway Code makes one try and understand the reasoning behind the answer!!! It is quite evident when the students are driving! The ones who learn from the Highway Code quite clearly exhibit a more rational and realistic understanding and practical application of the rules compared to those who have used the rather 'lazy' method of learning the answers!
Remember, when you only get 42 answers correct, you haven't failed by one, you've failed by '7' which equates to at least a 15% gap in your knowledge, which is certainly not good enough!

Would you want your doctor or dentist to have such a gap in their knowledge? Yet people go onto our roads with such gaps and are potentially dangerous!

There are now computer training aids for the Theory and Hazard Perception Tests! These are very similar to those used by the DSA! The hazard Perception section is particularly useful as a training aid! Ask your instructor for more details and if he/she will supply you with them!

What many students fail to  understand is that when you take your practical test, your application of your understanding of the Highway Code to your driving is the fundamental basis on which you are being tested by the examiner!!!! Once you have passed your theory...re-learn and make sure you apply it to your driving!!!
So perhaps save yourself some money and learn it the correct way...you'll understand more and have less gaps in your knowledge!
A test has been included on this website to evaluate your knowledge!

The Practical Test.

Before you can apply for your practical test, you MUST first have passed your theory test!
The short answer is don't apply until you're fully ready!!! You won't pass and it will cost you quite an amount to keep failing! Those who pass first time usually have had sufficient tuition/practice before they take their test!

Remember, as a learner driver, you are expected by law, to behave in a manner, as a reasonable driver would! Being a learner will not exempt you from prosecution!

If you need continual instruction by your accompanying driver/instructor, you are certainly NOT ready for test!!!

The test itself is quite simple if you're a capable student!; about 40 minutes long and during that period you will be required, as well as normal driving, be expected to carry out two of the three manoeuvres at the examiners' discretion! ie: reverse, turning in the road and reverse park! You will be informed whether or not you have passed at the end of the test!

NOTE! at certain test centres, the examiner may also include 'reversing into a parking bay', instead of reverse parking! This is only where there is suitable space at specific centres!
One in three candidates for the test will also be asked to carry out an 'emergency stop'! You don't have to be perfect, just sensible and competent with a reasonable degree of control and perception! You have to prove to the examiner that you would be safe to be allowed to drive unaccompanied... with the ability of a reasonable driver!
Your examiner will not fail you!!!...your actions will!!!

Re-taking your test!

If you unfortunately fail either, your Theory or Practical Test, then there is a minimum time lapse between re-taking the test(s): The current minimum for re-taking the Theory Test is 4 working days plus the day of test. The current minimum for re-taking the Practical Driving Test is 10 working days plus the day of your test! Do NOT try and re-book a test in less time than this as, even if you managed to get through the system...You would eventually be found out and if you successfully passed your theory/driving test(s) your licence could be invalidated and revoked!

I have included a page dedicated to advice on taking your driving test (Driving Test Tips). A thorough and much more in-depth review of the driving test is included in the members online section! This will be of great benefit to those taking their test for the first time!


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